Editorial Collective

San Antonio Review is brought to you by

Ashley Sommer Lange, Prose Editor, Cumbernauld, Scotland, UK
Gianna Sannipoli, Poetry Editor, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Peter Berard, Book Review Editor, Watertown, Mass., USA +
William O. Pate II, Founding Editor & Publisher, Austin, Texas, USA +

San Antonio Review is led by an all-volunteer editorial collective. If you’d like to share in our labor, email editors@sareview.org.


16th century woodcut of monster by Aldronvandi
Monstra Niliaca Parei

To add in a messy way to a messy account of a messy world does not seem like a very grandiose activity. But we are not after grandeur.”

— Bruno Latour, Reassembling the Social: An Introduction to Actor-Network Theory (New York, 2005), 136

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