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  • John Bonanni, Danbury, Connecticut

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  • Melody Klinger, Austin, Texas

  • Carolyn Martin, Portland, Oregon

  • Ashley Sommer Lange, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

  • Barbara Elaine Leeper, Georgetown, Texas † 7/23/1940–2/8/2020

  • David Matthews, Kerrville, Texas

  • Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia

  • Mary Ellen & William Pate, Leander, Texas

  • Mary Jo Pate, Georgetown, Texas

  • Misty Cripps, Austin, Texas

  • Paul Peterson, Austin, Texas

  • Teri Martinez Pitts, Frankfurt, Germany

  • Alex Z. Salinas, San Antonio, Texas

  • Richard Stim, Sausalito, California

  • Katrine Fischer Walsh, Austin, Texas

  • Rex Wilder, Los Angeles, California

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